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June 23, 2013

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Well, I have had a long break and I think I am ready to get back in to the swing of things. Here are some updates on what I have been doing lately.

Surgery: I managed to score a torn meniscal root in my good knee during the 13.3 WOD. It popped so loudly, we thought it was a torn ACL. I originally had scheduled surgery for mid-June, but have moved to to early August. The crappy thing is the 6 weeks of non-weight bearing life afterward. I do not know how crazy I will get without a good metcon. After 6 weeks, I begin physical therapy.

CrossFit: I have taken over the Twitter feed for my box and have been doing the programming for the last few months. I am still coaching one night a week and taking the photographs for the website and the walls. We also just completed a big move. We went from a 1500 sq ft facility to a 6200 sq ft facility.

As far as WODs go, I have been working as hard as I dare/can tolerate. I have changed my goals from being a driven athlete wanting to grow by leaps and bounds to a mature athlete that wants to stay fit and slowly build endurance and strength.

I have PR’d a 2000m row twice this month. My current best is 6:52.3, which puts me on the first page of records at Concept2 and #29 for my age group this rowing season (so far). Yep, did it with 2 bad knees and I think I can go a bit faster still. I think 6:50 is attainable now, but I want to go back and try to top my 1:25.8 500m time before surgery.

In order to continue to build my endurance, I have bumped the damper up to 8 (drag of ~155-165) for my warm-up 2000’s. For the last 350 or so I will really get rocking and drive to about a 1:35 pace to finish. I do power cleans instead of squat cleans. I power cleans and strict presses instead of thrusters recently. Instead of box jumps or double unders, I do burpees. I do burpees as subs for a lot of the exercises that I am afraid to do with a dangling meniscus. Burpee, burpee, burpee. I try to find a sub that is equally taxing and will take a similar amount of time as the prescribed exercise.

Friday, I did the following WOD as prescribed:

For Time
50 Deadlifts
200m Run / 250m Row
40 Back Squats
200m Run / 250m Row
30 Power Cleans
200m Run / 250m Row
20 Snatches
200m Run / 250m Row
10 Overhead Squats

I finished in 13:38 and felt as if I could take on the world. I didn’t break a lift until power cleans and I finally put the bar down after 5. My hammies are still a bit tight from the deadlifts! I did the overhead squats and the back squats. 95# isn’t too bad, but my knees were sore at the end of the day Saturday after a long day of moving the equipment to the new location.

We went to Disney World earlier this month and had a great time except for Tropical Storm Andrea. We were able to completely user our 5 day passes to the park, but just barely. I only had one day with knee pain and that was after swimming in the wave pool. We loved it and would love to go again.

Pay no attention to the little girl behind the mustache glasses in the photo below. A weird thing happened while we were at Epcot. Four teen-aged girls walked by and one of them told me I had nice legs. Not something that I would have ever expected.


I think you are up to date now. I will try to get back to regular blogging tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.


What are you on?

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I first started CrossFit, I did not take any supplements. In the first month or so, I overheard one of the trainers talking about protein as a post-workout, so I bought some. The next thing I heard about was fish oil, so I bought some. The benefits that I perceived were less inflammation around my bad knee and less DOMS. These benefits were enough for me to begin a deep-dive into the world of supplements.

The guy at GNC gave me a free bottle of multi-vitamins, because you have to have them, right?

The next thing I tried was a pre-workout powder. Wow what a rush! I really liked the C4 product from Cellucor and Assault from MusclePharm. They gave me a real kick in the pants just as the WOD was beginning and all the way through to the end. If you take a pre-workout, then you definitely need a post-workout, right? Yep, I tried those too.

Next, I tried some of the more expensive protein powers and while I liked them, I really didn’t pick up much a difference between the grocery store brands and the vitamin shop brands. Maybe I need to be a more highly trained athlete to recognize the difference. As long as there aren’t too many sweeteners in it, I will try it, but I have a hard time justifying the cost of the $70 protein when I get the same out of the $20 brand.

Then came BCAAs. I have tried a few brands and continue to explore this branch of supplementation. Even if these are useless, I still like a little flavor in my intra-workout drinks. I try to avoid the ones with caffeine in them, but so far so good.

Creatine? Well, I have a grocery store brand that is OK, but it is loaded with sugar so I just use half a dose when I use it. My next product will probably be in pill form.

Fat burners? Nope, that is what CrossFit does.

I tried a lot of stuff, some good, some bad, but most seem to do too little for me to justify the cost. My current list of supps is as follows:

  • Opti-men multi-vitamin (1 instead of the recommended 3 daily).
  • Carlson Labs Elite Fish Oil (5 grams daily)
  • BPI Blox Amino Acids
  • Body Fortress Whey Protein

I also take a vitamin D3 liquid, a liquid B complex, and a magnesium supplement. This regimen is cost effective and keeps me going.

Oh, I almost forgot my most important supplement – Glucosamine. With this trick knee, the glucosamine really seems to keep it going. I buy the Schiff Glucosamine plus MSM. Good stuff.

So, what are you on? I’d love to hear it.