The goal of this site is to give the CrossFit Tulsa rowers some sample WODs to prevent boredom and stagnation while improving overall performance with high-intensity interval training. The WODs will be reposted from sites such as Concept2 and CrossFit Endurance.

From time to time I will repost or link to interesting articles related to rowing, CrossFit, nutrition, or just about anything else that is relevant to the things we do.

I hope you all see the same improvements/benefits that I have since I first grabbed the handle.

About Me

I’m a 44 yr old guy with a busted up body trying to get back to the best health possible. I’m married (since 1991) and have 3 awesome (mostly) kids.

My Story:

When I was 16, I fractured L5 in my back and tore the Erector Spinae muscle group. This injury ended my soccer dreams and it took about 8 years before I was pain free and regained all feeling in my left leg. I’ve had 3 arthroscopic surgeries and have no meniscus left in the right knee. Doc says he has replaced better looking knees than  mine. I have also had the AC joint in my right shoulder removed due to arthritis from soccer injuries. I sat on the couch and did remote control curls and ate cheese curls for almost 20 years. I had a body full of excuses to avoid exercise.

At the end of 2009, I started having a feeling of impending doom. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get diabetes, have a heart attack, or have a stroke, but I knew something was coming. In March of 2010, I developed an irregular heartbeat. I was having PVCs and SVTs and it was a scary feeling. In addition to the ‘diet and exercise’ speech, I was given a beta-blocker as a band-aid for the symptoms.My son’s soccer team started a 10 week program at CrossFit Tulsa in the summer of 2010. I watched a few sessions and decided that I wanted to give it a try. I was skeptical about my prospects and worried about my injuries, but I also knew that I needed to do something to improve my health.On my first outing, I did the baseline test in about 20 minutes and my quads were wobbly for the rest of the night. I was unable to do more than 1 pull-up with the thickest band’s assistance. I went home with the sad realization that I was in horrible shape.I started on a 2 or 3 days per week regimen at a scaled pace; 2 rounds instead of 5, PVC instead of empty bar, 25 pound kettlebell instead of 50. With my knee condition, I am unable to run so I had to substitute rowing for running in the WODs. The goal was to do as much as I could, but focus on technique and mobility, the strength will come.
After a few weeks, I started noticing changes in body composition even though the scale showed little change. Within a few months, I was able to stop the beta-blocker that I was taking for my irregular heartbeat. The scale finally started moving and the pants needed a belt. More surprisingly, my knee was able to take the workload and even seems to have improved.
In January 2011, I decided to take my health and fitness a step further and modified my nutrition from eating whatever to a modified Zone diet with a 2000 calorie limit. This was coupled with my discovery of the benefits of high quality fish oil. At the end of 9 months, I was down 25 pounds and my doctor said he didn’t recognize me in the waiting room.In March, I felt confident enough in my technical knowledge of the CrossFit skills and exercises that I changed from the CrossFit Tulsa programming to the CrossFit Endurance programming. I did this to try to increase my performance in the regular WODs. I also wanted to burn more calories and did not have the knowledge of high-intensity interval training to do this on my own. Since I started the Endurance workouts, I have seen the biggest changes in body composition. I row 2000-6000 meters 5 days per week in addition to the normal WODs.By November 2011, I had lost 50 pounds. My cholesterol test showed a total count of 146 and my triglycerides were off the bottom end of the chart. In April 2012, I went Paleo and found even more performance benefits as well as health benefits. I continue to eat Paleo and I tell my friends that it is the ‘No UPC Code Diet’. If it has a code, don’t eat it. If it has a commercial, don’t eat it. If it is processed, don’t eat it.
In April 2012, I completed the CrossFit Rowing course at CrossFit WhiteRock in Dallas. It was an amazing experience and it has taken my rowing to new levels.
I have also had to face reality that I will probably never be able to compete in any serious competitions due to my knee condition. I WILL register for the CrossFit Games every year, but only as a gauge of my fitness and as a baseline for the following years. I have reasons why I can’t squat to official depth but I don’t have any more excuses for avoiding exercise.
My advice to new CrossFitters: Give it your all for every workout. Minimize rest between exercises and maximize exertion. Get lots of sleep. Fish oil and magnesium (ZMA) are your night time friends.
Rowing PRs:
500m – 1:25.8 – 2012 rowing season.
1000m – 3:12.6 – 2012 rowing season
2000m – 6:52.3 – 2013 rowing season
Tabata Rowing – 869 meters during work cycles.
CrossFit PRs:
Randy – 4:10
Nancy – 14:12 (Rowing 500m instead of running 400m)
The Chief – 439 reps
Jeremy – 5:18
Helen – 14:00 (Rowing 500m instead of running 400m)
Clovis – 1:55:58 (Rowing 20,000m instead of running 10 miles)
  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the ever challeging rowing WODS. Keep them coming 🙂

  2. Shout-out to Tulsa! beautiful city!

  3. Matt DeRose says:

    At 53 years of age, nursing a torn MCL PCL from a bike crash my daughter told me about your site. Man have I really enjoyed reading your comments and learning from all the different sites you suggest. Both my children are Cross fit Junkies and train hard because of their passion for the sport. I felt like how many ROCKY comebacks can my body and mind overcome I had dropped from 245 down to about 190 when my crash going around a corner, of a under construction sidewalk with no posted signs or cones threw me in the air and across the walkway into a light pole . Well I guess this is were you can say GOD got my attention, I was so inspired by watching my children train and do the Open that it gave me flashes of early days of the SUPERSTAR COMPETITIONS when high profile professional athletics completed in multiple events and the best would move on to complete again the top from weeks past to be crowned. We’ll this is we’re the story connects , one day as I’m using my crutches to get the mail outside I notice across my street a couple of large boxes with what looked to be a I beam of Steel. As I looked closer I noticed that it had the C2 sticker on the side and I hopped over to further investigate and it was the back beam and seat. When I showed it to my boy he was like let’s knock on his door and see if we could see what up with his C2.
    We really never knew this gentlemen other then exchanging hello but he answered the door and was like yes you know about C2 rowing ? He was like ” I just bought a new unit to replace my old one because I kept it out on the patio and the steel bracket rusted and it needs to be replaced. ” When we told him about Cross fit and how they use them as part of their training he was like ” I have the rest of the rower in my garage if you would like it your welcome to have it ” my jaw dropped when I saw my boy carry over the rest of the unit plus a box with heart monitor and books ! We noticed the problems as a rusted out seat brackets and rollers. We ordered parts and it was good as new. As I tried to use it as my knee and shoulder felt better my daughter suggest I check out this Tulsa site to learn more about C2 training I was Like what did you say ? I left my home in Naples to attend college in Tulsa in the mid 80’s I worked in some of the nicer restaurants during those years and started a running group with employees and we would train and race together . Some of my favorite memories Juke Jog , Willow Rock run, Tulsa 15-k. Please keep posting, your blessing my sock off plus I would love too learn more on how us older athletic can still keep the fires burning even with our limited range of movements . Hope you enjoying your Disney trip. If your ever get down further south we would love to meet you and the family and treat you to lunch or dinner.

    GOD bless you and your family,

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