My CrossFit Friends: Katie

Posted: March 8, 2013 in CrossFit Friends, CrossFit Tulsa

Today, I am profiling another one of my CrossFit friends: Katie Rodgers. I’m pretty sure that if Katie didn’t need to work, she would spend all of her time in the gym. With only one and a half years of CrossFit experience under her belt, she’ll be one to watch in the future. She can go fast and move a lot of weight. She loves to run, but I see her on the erg from time to time. I’ll get her converted to a 50/50 rower/runner soon enough.


Katie Marie Rodgers


Day Job:
Critical Care Nurse

Years CrossFitting / Start Date:
1.5 years/Sept. 2011

How did you find CrossFit:
One of my coworkers opened a CrossFit gym and asked me to join. I haven’t looked back since.

Favorite CrossFit Movement:
Snatches/Thrusters, I love the challenge.

Least Favorite Movement:
Muscle ups/Ring Dips. I am a heavy kid!

Days on / Days off:
Usually 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on (in theory), but really whenever I can get into the gym with my crazy work schedule.

Most Recent PR(s)?
4:24 Fran, 10:01 Helen, and 330lb Deadlift

Preference: Metcon or Strength or Combo?

What is your next goal?
To make Regionals


Goats? What skills do you need to work on?
Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Pull Ups, and my lifting form.

Bacon: Crispy or Chewy?
Is there a wrong answer? Both! I love Bacon!

Describe the Katie Rodgers WOD:

  • 87 Burpee buy in
  • 4 RFT
  • 1-400m run/500m row
  • 9-HSPU
  • 12-Power Snatches 95/135
  • 28-Box Jumps
  • 25-DU
  • 87 Butterfly sit up cash out

Best advice for a WOD:
Strategize! Don’t sacrifice form for time and don’t cheat yourself, do each rep like you are being judged.

Last cheat meal:
Is Tequila a meal? Just kidding, probably a big juicy cheese burger.

Favorite girl WOD:
A tie between Kelly and Nancy

Competitions?  Results?

  • Battle Over the Redlands 2012: RX Women 6th 
  • Fittest in Oklahoma 2013: RX Women 4th

Thoughts on Rowing as part of a well-rounded CrossFitter skill?
Very important. I am not the best rower, but I am getting better. Every competition I have been in there has been an emphasis on rowing, so it is very important!



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