Feb 27, 2013

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Last night’s WOD went OK. I rowed 1500m with the rear legs of the erg on a large 45# bumper plate. I started at a 1:55 pace for the first 150-200 then cranked it on down to 1:38 range. I finished with a 5:08.4 which about a 1:42 pace per 500m overall. Raising the rear was a nice change and it started hitting me with about 400m remaining. I am planning to raise the front legs on Tuesday next week.

Well, I weigh 215 and started Lynne with 195 and finished with 185. I got 3 reps the first time and felt like 6 or more at a bit lighter weight would be more meaningful for my progress. I averaged 10 pullups each round which I was OK with. I suck at pullups and have really been trying to improve. The biggest problem is remaining on the bar. I can do 50 or more, but I come off the bar too much. Lynne is not a workout that I would normally choose to do on my own because it contains exercises that are not my strengths. I am glad it came up, to force me into the work.

Tonight’s workout is ‘The Chief”, so I should get a great result. I have the lungs to get this done. My PR for this is 16+ rounds. I think I can get closer to 20 tonight.

Personal Stats

WOD – (Tue)  1500M row, then Lynne – 72 reps

Diet – 90% (but I ate too much)

Sleep – Good: 7 hours

Rowing – 2500m total:  1500m with rear legs on 45# plate – 5:08.4 then 1000m cool down

CrossFit Rowing WOD

4 Rounds For Time …
400m Row
20 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps (30/24 inches)

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

Row (TUE): Repeat 6:00 on, 6:00 off, until form/pace deteriorates

Concept 2 WOD

Row four 4 minute pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each piece.

Interesting Links

Paleo Craziness – Robb Wolf (Amy Kubal)


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