My CrossFit Friends: Andy

Posted: February 22, 2013 in CrossFit Friends, CrossFit Tulsa

Today, I am profiling my friend and avid CrossFitter, Andy Smith. Andy is a coach at my box, CrossFit Tulsa. Andy and I are very competitive with one another. He is stronger than me, but I have an endurance edge. We typically alternate who finishes first on the WODs for the week. At the age of 52, Andy still whoops guys half his age. He is very close to qualifying for the Games. Keep an eye out for him this year.


How long have you been CrossFitting?
2+ years. I started in June, 2010.

Sporting background?
Been in athletics since starting baseball at 5 years old. Played football, baseball, and basketball for most of my early life. Played college baseball and football, mostly baseball. Coached basketball, baseball, and football at various levels. Have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Have lower rankings in two other martial arts.

What is your day job?
By day my alter ego is a computer geek. Title is Director of Product Development. Actual skill is software/design engineer

How did you find CrossFit?
Specific internet search for intense, cross training type of programs for my son to get him ready for collegiate baseball. Planned on only doing it with him a couple of weeks to get him started. Ended up liking it so much that I kept going with him.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Power Clean

Least Favorite Movement?

Days on / Days off?
At my age I have to vary my on and off schedule based on what my body will allow me to do. My ideal week is twice a day Monday/Wednesday/Friday and once a day Tuesday/Thursday and rest on Saturday and Sunday. But I never do less than 5 workouts in a 7 day period.

Most Recent PR?
“Grace” – 2:59, a 235 lb power clean, and 30 consecutive pull ups (no butterflies). Got those within a week of each other.

Preference: MetCon or Strength or Combo?

What is your next goal?
Still working on this one. I need more stamina to be able to qualify for the Games in the Masters division. But I really enjoy the strength part of our workouts. Probably going to be a 3 minute “Fran”. That would be a combo goal.

Nah, too tough they eat too much garbage! (Ed. note: He does have dogs though)

Bacon: Crispy or Chewy?

Describe the ‘Andy Smith’ WOD.
My 51st birthday WOD! The Fantastic Fifty Plus One.
For time:

  •     51 Box jump, 24 inch box PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Jumping pull-ups PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     Walking Lunge, 51 steps PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Knees to elbows PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Push press, 45 pounds PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Back extensions PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Burpees PLUS 1-51 meter walking lunge 45lbs
  •     51 Double unders PLUS 1-51 walking lunge 45lbs

Best advice for a WOD?
Push yourself! We will not always feel our best. But unless your body tells you it has had enough, be willing to give everything you can. You will constantly be surprised at what you can do.

Last cheat meal?
During Christmas holidays. I am a born and bred Okie, so I gotta have pie after dinner.  Lots of cookies and pie.  Unfortunately, none since then. We did the strict 30 day paleo challenge for the second time at the first of the year to get back on track.

Favorite girl WOD?
Tough choice! Probably the love/hate relationship with “Nancy”. It is a combination of strength, technique, and endurance. A very close second would be “Isabel”.



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