Review: Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver and Rasp

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Reviews

Due to the buildup of calluses on my hands from pullups and Olympic lifts as well as calluses on my fingers from the erg handle, I decided to buy a callus shaver. I settled on the Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver and Rasp sold by Amazon ($10) because I liked the idea of a 2 for 1 multi-tool for this application and I have used other Tweezerman products in the past.

The multi-tool has a sliding cover that acts as a handle. You slide the handle to cover tool A to protect yourself from the sharp edges while you are using Tool B. I typically store it with the shaver side covered to avoid cuts – I can handle an inadvertent rasping. 🙂

The shaver uses a dual-sided blade, so you get about twice the usage of a single blade shaver when you flip it 180 degrees and use the other side. Replacement blades are sold in a 20 pack for about $5.


I was most excited about using the shaver, but I found out that you need to be very careful when shaving your calluses. I shaved mine smooth on the first day and they felt great, but by the end of the day and during the evening WOD, the shaved spots felt raw. By the end of the week, I was using the rasp on a regular basis and found that it seemed to fit my needs best. There are still times where I need to shave, but 95% of the time I use the rasp. For me, rasping is a great general maintenance task and shaving is for the times that I rough up an edge or get some dry skin around a callus area.

I have been using this for about 6 months now and will need a new blade soon. I wish they sold rasp replacements, because I feel that mine is losing its edge. The rasp just snaps in, so I don’t think it would be too difficult, but I have not been able to locate one. For $10, I can just replace the whole thing once or twice a year, but would rather replace the parts if possible.

A negative feature is that my wife has found that this multi-tool  works well on dry, rough heels. She has taken possession of my Tweezerman at this time. I think we may need a second one soon.


  • Price: $10 is excellent, the replacement blades are $5 for a 20 pack.
  • Design: This thing is well balanced, the slide covers the sharp blade when using the rasp, and clean up is easy.
  • Shaves calluses nicely.
  • Rasps calluses nicely.
  • Fits in a pocket or a gym bag.


  • My wife has taken it from me.
  • Rasp not replaceable.

Summary: Combined with tape grips, my Tweezerman has helped me maintain hands and fingers without tearing and bleeding through a rigorous CrossFit regimen since July 2012 (6 months to date). I recommend that you buy your own, because sharing blades is a little sketchy in today’s world. Throw it in your bag with a roll of athletic tape (for tape grips) and you will be less likely to tear your hands on pullups from WODs not named Murph.

Disclosure: The link to Amazon does not give me a referral.


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