Dec 14, 2012

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Concept2, CrossFit Rowing, Interesting Link, WOD

I have slowed a little in my quest to 200K. I am at 125K, but if I can get close to 150 by the end of the weekend, I may be able to push through and get the last 50K next week. I still have 11 days, so I need about 7K per day with no rest days.

We all see organic foods in the aisles at the store. Honestly, I haven’t developed the desire to avoid the chemicals that can be found in the fruits and vegetables. I suppose I should take an interest in it, but I don’t want to be “that guy’ that turns his nose up to food that isn’t grown to his specs.

CrossFit Rowing WOD

All For Time …
1. 500m Row (like start of 2k)
2. 3 Rounds Of:
– 5 Power Cleans (135/95 lbs)
– 10 Burpee Broad Jumps
3. 500m Row (like finish of 2k)

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

Row (THU): 4-6 x 1000m, recover 2:00, hold efforts within 3-5 seconds

Concept 2 WOD

Row a single 21 minute piece. Row the first six minutes @ 20 spm. Then row five minutes @ 22 spm, four @ 24, three @ 26, two @ 28 and one @ 30.

Interesting Links

7 foods you don’t need to buy organic – Mark’s Daily Apple


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