Nov 5, 2012

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Concept2, CrossFit Rowing, Interesting Link, WOD

My oldest daughter’s soccer team won the weekend tournament!

Be sure to click the daily links. I scour the web to find relevant article and information for your browsing pleasure. Today’s link was an eye-opener for me. I love metcons and I like getting stronger, but you can’t forsake one for the other.

CrossFit Rowing WOD

4 x 10 min Spicy Steady State w/ 1 min Rest
10′ @ 18 s/m**
10′ @ 20 s/m**
10′ @ 22 s/m**
10′ @ Increasing Stroke Rating as follows (5′ @24, 3′ @26, 2′ @28)
**First 3 Pieces – Row 4min Steady, 1min @-3 split seconds, 4min Steady, 1min @-3 split seconds
**Hold the same stroke rating all the way through each piece, but vary the pressure with your legs depending on whether you’re rowing steady or 3 split seconds faster

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

Row (TUE): 3-6 x 1500m, 2:00-3:00 recovery, hold within 3-5 seconds

Concept 2 WOD

Row four 4 minute pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each piece.

Interesting Links

The dangers of a MetCon addict – The Rx Review


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