Sep 12, 2012

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Concept2, CrossFit Rowing, Interesting Link, WOD

I am in the middle of a week off of all of my supplements. Essentially, I am giving my liver a break and I’m going to start fresh next week. I just felt like it was time to break from the routine for a while.

So, I was surprised to hit a PR on power cleans last night and had a great WOD time too. Maybe I should take 2 weeks off.

CrossFit Rowing WOD

4k Row 30 Power Cleans (95/65) 20 Push Press (95/65) 10 Push Ups

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

Row (TUE): 3 – 6 x 800m w/ 3 min rest

Concept 2 WOD

5000 meter time trial

Interesting Links

6 reasons to eat Kiwi fruit – The Rx Review


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