Jul 16, 2012

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Concept2, CrossFit Rowing, Interesting Link, WOD

Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir repeated as champions at the CrossFit Games this year. We knew they were awesome last year, but who knew they could win two years in row? Did you watch the games? I am sure they will recompile them and run them on ESPN2 in the future. I’ll be looking for those shows to launch, the online coverage is just a little too unreliable….. or maybe my router is going bad.

CrossFit Rowing WOD

5K row

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

C2 Row (TUE): 3 x 1250m, rest 2:00 between, hold splits within 3-5 seconds

Concept 2 WOD

4 x 3 min / 2 min easy
Row four 3 minute pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each piece.

Interesting Links

The Sport of CrossFit – CrossFit Games


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