What are you on?

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I first started CrossFit, I did not take any supplements. In the first month or so, I overheard one of the trainers talking about protein as a post-workout, so I bought some. The next thing I heard about was fish oil, so I bought some. The benefits that I perceived were less inflammation around my bad knee and less DOMS. These benefits were enough for me to begin a deep-dive into the world of supplements.

The guy at GNC gave me a free bottle of multi-vitamins, because you have to have them, right?

The next thing I tried was a pre-workout powder. Wow what a rush! I really liked the C4 product from Cellucor and Assault from MusclePharm. They gave me a real kick in the pants just as the WOD was beginning and all the way through to the end. If you take a pre-workout, then you definitely need a post-workout, right? Yep, I tried those too.

Next, I tried some of the more expensive protein powers and while I liked them, I really didn’t pick up much a difference between the grocery store brands and the vitamin shop brands. Maybe I need to be a more highly trained athlete to recognize the difference. As long as there aren’t too many sweeteners in it, I will try it, but I have a hard time justifying the cost of the $70 protein when I get the same out of the $20 brand.

Then came BCAAs. I have tried a few brands and continue to explore this branch of supplementation. Even if these are useless, I still like a little flavor in my intra-workout drinks. I try to avoid the ones with caffeine in them, but so far so good.

Creatine? Well, I have a grocery store brand that is OK, but it is loaded with sugar so I just use half a dose when I use it. My next product will probably be in pill form.

Fat burners? Nope, that is what CrossFit does.

I tried a lot of stuff, some good, some bad, but most seem to do too little for me to justify the cost. My current list of supps is as follows:

  • Opti-men multi-vitamin (1 instead of the recommended 3 daily).
  • Carlson Labs Elite Fish Oil (5 grams daily)
  • BPI Blox Amino Acids
  • Body Fortress Whey Protein

I also take a vitamin D3 liquid, a liquid B complex, and a magnesium supplement. This regimen is cost effective and keeps me going.

Oh, I almost forgot my most important supplement – Glucosamine. With this trick knee, the glucosamine really seems to keep it going. I buy the Schiff Glucosamine plus MSM. Good stuff.

So, what are you on? I’d love to hear it.


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