Apr 18, 2012

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Concept2, CrossFit Rowing, Interesting Link, Virtual Team, WOD

Do you know someone that has a lot of ‘quit’ in them. They always have an excuse or concede defeat before trying. If you tell yourself that you can’t, then you have already lost. It is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. In terms of a CrossFit WOD, there is a difference between saying no to a load that you cannot safely handle and saying no because you think it might get tough. CrossFit allows scaling, but if you are always scaling because you don’t want to get too tired, then your results will show it.

Today’s link is to a new blog called MentalWOD. The information that gets posted will help you take control of your mind and rock your WODs.

CrossFit Rowing WOD

3 RFT:

300m Row
:30 Front Plank, :10 Rest
:30 Side Plank, :10 Rest
:30 Side Plank, :10 Rest
30 Double Unders

CrossFit Endurance – Tues/Thurs/Sun

C2 Row (TUE): 4 x 500m, rest 90 seconds, hold splits within 2-3 seconds

Concept 2 WOD

8 x 500m / 1 min easy

Row eight 500 meter pieces. Row for one minute at light pressure between each 500.

Interesting Link

Mental WOD – get your mind right – LINK

  1. Pam Smith says:

    So True Brett! And so many times it is easy to scale so you can get a good time. If you never push yourself a little you won’t get stronger, and by going up a little in weight you have to get over the fact that you may be the last one to finish, but you should be proud that you finished and with more weight!

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