Jan 6, 2011

Posted: January 6, 2012 in News, WOD

42,500 meters logged so far this month. Great effort so far.

CrossFit Endurance – Short Intervals

10 x 30 seconds max effort, rest 2:00 between each rep, damper setting is athlete’s choice

At Speed: For bike, run and row come into each rep at full speed to maximize 30 seconds. For example, a runner can use a 10-15m “build up” to begin sprint at speed.

Concept2 – Short WOD

2 x 2000m rate increase / 4 min easy

Row two 2000 meter pieces. In each piece, row the first 1000 meters @ 26 spm. Then 500 meters @ 28 spm, 250 meters @ 30 spm and 250 meters @ 32 spm. Row for four minutes at light pressure during the rest period.

World Record Plank – 1:20:05!



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