Jan 5, 2012

Posted: January 5, 2012 in News, Virtual Team, WOD

Virtual Team Challenge Update

35,490 meters logged

10th place (out of 13 – 1st place has 422,000 meters)

Crossfit Endurance – Short Intervals

10 x 30 seconds max effort, rest 2:00 between each rep, damper setting is athlete’s choice

At Speed: For bike, run and row come into each rep at full speed to maximize 30 seconds. For example, a runner can use a 10-15m “build up” to begin hill sprint at speed.

Concept2 – Short WOD

Stroke pyramid: 10/20/30/40/50/40/30/20/10

Row 10 strokes hard followed by 10 light. Then row 20 strokes hard followed by 20 light. 30 hard, 30 light. 40-40. 50-50. 40-40. 30-30. 20-20. 10-10.

Complete guide to interval training – link


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